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Redmi Band With Colour Display, Integrated USB Plug Launched

Redmi Band has been unveiled during Xiaomi’s Mi Fan Festival 2020 event. The new smart band comes with a colour display and supports a list of fitness-tracking features that can be useful for recording activities such as cycling, running, and walking. It also provides heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. ...

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Here’s what it got wrong – TechCrunch

The first wave of AR startups offering smart glasses is now over, with a few exceptions. Google acquired North this week for an undisclosed sum. The Canadian company had raised nearly $200 million, but the release of its Focals 2.0 smart glasses has been cancelled, a bittersweet end for its ...

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5G and Wi-Fi 6: Unlikely allies

You probably won’t find a 5G Wireless small cell or small base station within sight of where you’re seated right now. Maybe in the distance, you’re able to spot a 4G base station, perhaps one that’s already been upgraded with 5G transmitters. The move to incorporate 5G spectrum into existing ...

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One out of every 142 passwords is ‘123456’

In one of the biggest password re-use studies of its kind, an analysis of more than one billion leaked credentials has discovered that one out of every 142 passwords is the classic “123456” string. The study, carried out last month by computer engineering student Ata Hakçıl, analyzed username and password ...

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