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Hackers target unpatched Citrix servers to deploy ransomware

Companies still running unpatched Citrix servers are in danger of having their networks infected with ransomware. Multiple sources in the infosec community are reporting about hacker groups using the CVE-2019-19781 vulnerability in Citrix appliances to breach corporate networks and then install ransomware. Confirmed REvil infections Ransomware infections traced back to ...

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Citrix: These are new patches for your vulnerable servers

No patch yet for severe Citrix Netscaler bug This critical Citrix bug could affect 80,000 companies. Enterprise tech company Citrix has rolled out a new round of fixes for a vulnerability that’s already being exploited to install malware on Citrix servers and which has even sparked a turf war among ...

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Coalition acquires IoT search engine BinaryEdge

Image: BinaryEdge, ZDNet Cyber-insurance provider Coalition announced today it acquired BinaryEdge, a company that runs a search engine for internet-exposed devices. Coalition completed the BinaryEdge acquisition in October 2019, Coalition CEO Joshua Motta and BinaryEdge CEO Tiago Henriques told ZDNet this week. The deal’s terms have not been disclosed. Coalition ...

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Microsoft warns about Internet Explorer zero-day, but no patch yet

Microsoft has published a security advisory today about an Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability that is currently being exploited in the wild — a so-called zero-day. The company’s security advisory (ADV200001) currently only includes workarounds and mitigations that can be applied in order to safeguard vulnerable systems from attacks. At the ...

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Oracle launches internet routing 3D visualization tool

Every year, there are multiple reports of internet routing outages or attacks that significantly disrupt internet traffic. Typically, these incidents are measured by the number of IP address prefixes impacted. Last year, for instance, when a Verizon error triggered widespread internet outages, one estimate said that 20,000 IP addresses were ...

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