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BlueKeep exploit to get a fix for its BSOD problem

Currently, the only public proof-of-concept exploit code for the infamous BlueKeep vulnerability is a module for the Metasploit penetration testing framework. The BlueKeep Metasploit module was put together from a proof-of-concept code donated by RiskSense security researcher Sean Dillon (@zerosum0x0) over the summer. While the exploit works, it has a ...

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Microsoft warns users to stay alert for more BlueKeep attacks

Reverse engineering of BlueKeep patch reveals how dangerous it is Researchers develop a proof-of-concept attack after reverse engineering the Microsoft BlueKeep patch. Microsoft’s security team believes that more destructive BlueKeep attacks are on the horizon and urges users and companies alike to apply patches if they’ve been lagging. The company’s ...

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After Brexit, Europe wants cyber security pact with UK

Under half of CISOs are ready to respond to a cyberattack Only 49% of CISOs and other senior executives are fully confident that their organisation could deal with the fallout of a hacking incident or data breach right now, and most think the threat from cyberattacks will get worse. Even ...

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Alleged Capital One hacker released from federal custody

How big is the Capital One breach? 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians caught up in breach. The alleged Capital One hacker, Paige Thompson, was released from federal custody on Tuesday as she awaits her trial. Thompson, who is allegedly responsible for the theft of 106 million records from Capital ...

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We must stop smiling our way towards a surveillance state

Has facial recognition gone too far? Congress thinks so ZDNet’s Stephanie Condon tells Karen Roby that Congress members, Democrats and Republicans alike, are expressing their concerns over the misuse of facial recognition technologies. Read more: https://zd.net/2WtOv9w In the last few years facial recognition has been gradually introduced across a range ...

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